Friday, March 25

I Had To See The Video

When I heard the song "I just had sex" by The Lonely Island & Akon, I deleted it straight away. The song was overly dodgy but at the same time I was curious about the video. Would it be comical or overly sexual like many of the music videos of the day.
I looked it up on youtube & I didn't regret it.
It was comical! Still dodgy... but it made more sense.

This has got to be one of the funniest dodgy music videos ever.
Watch it if you enjoy dodgy stuff. Don't watch it if you're the super serious intellectual type.
hahaha~~~ Enjoy!


  1. Not a fan of AKON and not keen on such songs. I thought you would be more into classical stuff. Josh Groban perhaps...

  2. dude! I hope your students don't find your blogsite man...

  3. Arthur: I'm into all types. More of a alternative rock guy.
    Josh Gorban is not my cup of tea. Prefer John Mayer.
    I'm not too keen on this song too but I find it really funny.

    Gabe: Dont worry. They dont have Internet access & they wont understand.


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